Intra-Oral Cameras

Even with mirrors, seeing anything other than the front of your teeth is impossible. An intra-oral camera, on the other hand, allows patients to see potential dental problems in their own mouth. The camera illuminates all tartar and dental plaque, allowing you to see your teeth as the dentist does. These photographs can be magnified up to 20 times for better viewing, and they can be saved and kept in your file.

How Intra-oral Cameras Help Diagnose Dental Problems?

Intra-oral cameras also help you understand what procedures are necessary for you and why they are important. Furthermore, the intra-oral camera allows your dentist to view what would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, allowing them to accomplish the necessary treatment faster.

You may now relax in your dentist’s chair while this handy camera is inserted into your mouth by your dentist or hygienist. After that, you can look at the photographs to evaluate how well you’ve been keeping your teeth clean.

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