Fixed Dental Bridges

You may notice a difference in chewing and speaking if one or more teeth are missing. Bridges are a fantastic option to dentures for replacing lost teeth, and they may be able to replace your previous partial denture, removing the need to remove an appliance every night. These restorations will provide you a long-lasting gorgeous smile by matching the shape, size, and colour of your teeth.

A bridge is a custom-made device that replaces one or more lost teeth by bonding to neighbouring teeth. When a tooth is lost and a bridge is used to replace it, the teeth on either side of the gap are prepared as crowns to keep the artificial tooth in place. Porcelain is the most preferred material since it is long-lasting and keeps your smile looking natural.

Fixed Bridges Treatment Procedures

In most cases, a bridge treatment necessitates two or more appointments. The two anchoring teeth are prepared by removing a section of enamel to allow for a crown while the teeth are numb. Following that, a highly accurate imprint (mould) is created and transported to a dental laboratory, where the bridge is manufactured. In addition, until your next appointment, a temporary bridge will be built and worn for many weeks. Your teeth will be protected by the bridge from complications caused by missing teeth.

Your permanent bridge will be evaluated, modified, and cemented at the second visit to ensure a correct fit. Your dentist may simply cement the bridge briefly to give your teeth and tissue time to adjust to the new bridge. At a later date, the new bridge will be securely cemented.

As with any treatment, good home maintenance and regular dental appointments will help your new bridge last longer.

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