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Patient Testimonials

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Melissa Leech

Exactly like a real tooth!

Melissa Leech

Thank you so much all the staff at Lakeside Dental I had a one tooth extraction that was a very noticeable front tooth that broke from an almond yikes but because it had a root canal already it was thin and broke. I received a plate that had one tooth on it for appearance but was not satisfied with it as I had to remove it many times from food getting stuck etc I had the opportunity to receive an implant the best I could ever do for my smile. The staff at Lakeside Dental made my whole experience so easy and great. I would never change anything. It is exactly like a real tooth!

The surgery is a one appointment procedure and 4-6 months later the implants are inserted. What a change and so easy. Thank you monarchy dentistry.


Top level service.

Shay, Brock University student

Lakeside Dental has transformed my normal negative view about getting dental work done. Usually it is a pain to have to go see the dentist however, Monarch makes it a very enjoyable experience by providing top level service at a price that is affordable to everyone. As a Brock University student I would recommend Monarch to any and everyone who dreads going to the dentist, they will certainly change your view on visiting the dentist.

Peter M

Never feel rushed.

Peter M, St. Catharines

Very impressed with the dedication to your patients. You take the time to explain everything and I never feel that you are rushed. Thank-you.

S Green

Proud to smile.

S Green, St. Catharines

 For years I looked for reasons and situations not to have to smile. Now I am proud to smile and recommend Monarch to all my friends and family.


Office is uplifting.

Ron, St. Catharines

The office is very uplifting here. Everybody is always happy, smiling and in a good mood. It’s very pleasant to walk into an office like that.

J Martin

Very pleasant & comforting.

J Martin, St. Catharines

I can’t say enough about Dr. Danelon and his staff. I was terrified about going, but once there, his office and he were very pleasant and comforting.


Never feel like a stranger.

A.L., St. Catharines

Staff actually knows and remembers you!! That’s important and keeps us coming. I never feel like a stranger there.